SIX (6) ArchiCAD 2D north symbols
Twelve (12) 2D ArchiCAD north symbols
A computer screenshot of how 2D north symbols looks like in ArchiCAD
Demonstration of how to extract the 2D north symbols to your working space
Demonstration on how to use 2D north symbol and how to edit them in ArchiCAD

North 2D Symbols, 2D Object , front view projection, compatible with Archicad version 24 and up.

ArchiCAD 2D North Symbol Library

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ArchiCAD 2D library of a minimalistic north arrow objects.


Elevate design efficiency with ArchiCAD 2D North Symbol Library. Simplify and accelerate your creative journey with our comprehensive collection of architectural symbols.. Crafted to streamline your design process, these symbols are your key to swift and precise architectural solutions.

Archicad north arrow symbols and site orientation symbols are at your fingertips to enhance your architectural diagrams and drafting. This library is designed to empower your creativity. Annotate your architectural plans and drawings with ease using our specialized tools. Remember, if you're employing a product tagged 'Educational Use,' its application is limited to academic pursuits. Acknowledging Mesolight BIM's contribution is valued. Upon purchase, embrace freedom from attribution obligations.

A treasure trove of meticulously crafted symbols awaits to expedite your creative process. Elevate your designs with ease and precision, whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring architect. Explore our north symbol library and download resources to enhance your projects further.

Empower your architectural endeavors today – Download ArchiCAD 2D North Symbol Library for a complete design solution.


  • ArchiCAD Version 24 and up

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Features & Benefits


  • Efficiency Amplified: Elevate your design efficiency with a diverse collection of symbols that simplify and accelerate your creative process.
  • Streamlined Design Process: these symbols are your gateway to efficient and precise architectural solutions.
  • Academic Flexibility: While tagged 'Educational Use,' this library supports academic pursuits, offering a valuable resource for learning and honing architectural skills.
  • Freedom from Attribution: Upon purchase, enjoy the freedom to utilize the product without the obligation of attribution, giving you the autonomy to create uninhibited.


  • Six (6) 2D North symbols

File format:

  • Zip file: ArchiCAD GSM

Beneficial to:

  • Architects, engineers, and designers