Eight (8) contemporary gates designed in ArchiCAD
Contemporary ArchiCAD gate
Contemporary ArchiCAD gate
Contemporary ArchiCAD gate
Contemporary ArchiCAD gate
15 contemporary ArchiCAD  gates
15 contemporary ArchiCAD  gates
Demonstration on how to extract ArchiCAD contemporary gates into your computer
Demonstration on how to edit ArchiCAD gates in ArchiCAD

50 Contemporary gates , highly re-usable for any project File Format: Pla Version: 23-Up
Size: 334MB.

ArchiCAD Contemporary Gates

$8.00 USD

Elevate your design projects with 50 meticulously crafted gate patterns created using ArchiCAD that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality.


Welcome to the world of architectural innovation with our ArchiCAD Contemporary Gates pack! Transform your projects with 50 meticulously designed contemporary gate patterns, curated for architects and designers like you.

Explore a rich variety of contemporary gate designs, from sleek and minimalistic to intricate designs. Find the perfect match for your project's aesthetic. Easily integrate these gate patterns into your ArchiCAD projects. They're designed for effortless customization and implementation. These gates are not just visually stunning but also highly functional, providing security and style in one seamless package. Incorporating BIM components into your projects has never been easier. Our Customizable Gates offer a versatile solution, allowing you to adapt these designs to fit the unique requirements of your projects.  

Download ArchiCAD Contemporary Gates and make a lasting impression with these contemporary gate patterns. Elevate your architectural designs with our meticulously crafted 3D models, carefully optimized for seamless integration into your projects. Embrace the future of architectural innovation with our comprehensive ArchiCAD Contemporary Gates pack.


  • ArchiCAD Version 24 and up

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    Features & Benefits


    • Design Freedom: Unleash your creative flair with an array of contemporary gate options at your fingertips. Craft unique, eye-catching entrances for your architectural masterpieces.
    • Time Savings: Say goodbye to hours of gate design work. Our pack expedites your workflow, allowing you to focus on perfecting your overall project.
    • Client Satisfaction: Impress clients and stakeholders with modern, visually appealing gate designs that enhance the appeal of any structure.


    • 50 gate designs.

    File format:

    • Zip file: ArchiCAD PLA file

    Beneficial to:

    • Architects, engineers, and designers