Moon Mirror
Moon Mirror
Demonstration on how to extract the mirrors into your computer and ArchiCAD
Demonstration on how to edit and use smart mirrors inside ArchiCAD

1 type of mirror. In GDL file format, this mirror offers customizable 2D and 3D representations. ArchiCAD version 24 and up. 

Moon Mirror

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Save time.
Easy Customization.
Seamless ArchiCAD Integration.


This mirror offers customizable 2D and 3D representations, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your projects. For ArchiCAD 24 and up.

Adaptable 2D Representation, including:

  • Contour line
  • Background fill
  • Contour pen
  • Fill pen
  • Background fill pen

Adaptable 3D Representation, including:

  • LED display
  • Mirror frame
  • Mirror 


  • ArchiCAD Version 24 and up

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    Features & Benefits


    • Save time: Effortlessly enhance your designs with these customizable wall mirrors, saving valuable project time.
    • Seamless ArchiCAD Integration: these mirrors seamlessly integrate with ArchiCAD, providing a hassle-free experience.
    • Easy Customization: Tailor the 2D and 3D representations of these mirrors to suit your design vision.


    • wall mirror 

    File format:

    • GDL file

    Beneficial to:

    • Architects, engineers, and designers