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Various site diagram symbols

ArchiCAD Site Diagram Symbols

$15.00 USD
Elevate your architectural endeavors today with the ArchiCAD Site Diagram Symbols. Seamlessly integrate detailed visuals into your designs, captivate your audience, and transform your concepts into reality. Introducing the ArchiCAD...
ArchiCAD Drawing Title (RED)

ArchiCAD Drawing Title

$0.00 USD
 Elevate your design documentation today. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and elegance of ArchiCAD Drawing Title in your architectural projects. Take the first step towards enhancing your design presentation. Enhance your...
Swimming Pool BIM Model

Swimming Pool BIM Model

$0.00 USD
Experience a leap in your design capabilities as you immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of our Swimming Pool BIM Model. Say goodbye to the hassle of painstakingly creating pool...
White spiral tube

Spiral Tube Slide

$0.00 USD
Our ArchiCAD BIM model is expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate into your design process. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, you'll find it easy to incorporate this unique playground...
Simple cantilevered staircase

Cantilevered Staircase BIM file

$2.00 USD
Our meticulously crafted Cantilevered Staircase BIM file, designed with precision in ArchiCAD, is here to elevate your projects. Dive into the intricacies of cantilevered staircase design, exploring every detail from...
Nine (9) various exterior  curtain wall schemes

ArchiCAD Exterior Curtain Wall Scheme Styles

$5.00 USD
Within this pack are design presets that grant you instant access to sophistication. Seamlessly integrate these presets into your workflow and save time. Introducing the ArchiCAD Exterior Curtain Wall Scheme...
MSBIM 2024 Standard Template

MSBIM 2024 Standard Template

$55.00 USD
Ideal for students and ArchiCAD beginners, this package offers a user-friendly introduction to architectural design.  Benefit from pre-built templates ensuring a quicker and more efficient design process. Enjoy: Fast-track your...
MSBIM Pro ArchiCAD Template 2024

MSBIM Pro ArchiCAD Template 2024

$205.00 USD
This Pro version combines a minimalistic approach, user-friendly design, and advanced features to provide you with a superior ArchiCAD experience. This Pro version of MSBIM ArchiCAD Template is an upgrade,...