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Sewer drainage system

Sewer Drainage System

$0.00 USD
Step into the world of efficient and comprehensive sewer drainage design with our Sewer Drainage System – a game-changer for residential projects. Embark on a journey of efficient, accurate, and...
Swimming Pool BIM Model

Swimming Pool BIM Model

$0.00 USD
Experience a leap in your design capabilities as you immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of our Swimming Pool BIM Model. Say goodbye to the hassle of painstakingly creating pool...
White spiral tube

Spiral Tube Slide

$0.00 USD
Our ArchiCAD BIM model is expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate into your design process. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, you'll find it easy to incorporate this unique playground...
Simple cantilevered staircase

Cantilevered Staircase BIM file

$2.00 USD
Our meticulously crafted Cantilevered Staircase BIM file, designed with precision in ArchiCAD, is here to elevate your projects. Dive into the intricacies of cantilevered staircase design, exploring every detail from...

ArchiCAD BIM Project Models Pack

$99.00 USD
Elevate your architectural game with our comprehensive BIM Project Model Pack, an asset for professionals and learners alike. This pack comprises six meticulously designed ArchiCAD project models that will expedite...
Four (4) nozzle fuel pump with blue, yellow and white colors

Fuel Pump

$4.00 USD
 Elevate your design journey today by incorporating the ArchiCAD Fuel Pump into your projects. Unlock the potential for enhanced authenticity, efficiency, and visual impact. Step into a world of design...
Modern three bedroom house with a car outside

Three Bedroom House 3D Model files

$18.00 USD
Step into your future with our Three Bedroom House 3D Model Files, meticulously crafted using ArchiCAD and Lumion. This is your passport to a stunning architectural journey that's as exciting...
LEEZA SOHO tower ArchiCAD model

LEEZA SOHO tower ArchiCAD file

$3.00 USD
Unleash your architectural creativity with our ArchiCAD 3D Model file for the iconic Leeza SOHO Tower in China. Crafted with expertise, the ArchiCAD file provides a seamless platform for you...
Retail boutique with clothes inside

Retail Interior Project | Boutique shop Model

$20.00 USD
Elevate your architectural prowess with our Retail 3D ArchiCAD Model Pack, a game-changer for your design journey. Whether you're a seasoned architect or just starting, this pack is your key...
Residential Two Bedroom Model + Drawings Set with section details

Residential Two Bedroom Model + Drawings Set

$40.00 USD
Welcome to the future of residential design – the 11 by 8 meters Two Bedrooms Modern Project File with Complete BIM Construction Drawings. This exceptional package empowers you with a...