MSBIM 2024 Standard Template
MSBIM 2024 Standard Template

Our Standard Package is for students and beginners. This template accelerates your learning process and enhances your understanding of architectural concepts. Explore features like browser organization, view templates, graphic tools, attributes, reports and more.

MSBIM 2024 Standard Template

$55.00 USD

The template is easy to use.
Save time from aimless exploration.
Gain a better understanding of architectural concepts.
Explore a wide range of features that cover every aspect of architectural design


Ideal for students and ArchiCAD beginners, this package offers a user-friendly introduction to architectural design.  Benefit from pre-built templates ensuring a quicker and more efficient design process.


  • Fast-track your learning in ArchiCAD.
  • Enjoy a minimalistic design approach.¬†
  • Learn how to streamline your workflow.

With features like browser organization, view templates, graphic tools, attributes, quantity reports and more, this template is your key to understanding design principles and expedite your learning process.

Payment options

Visa, PayPal, MasterCard

Contact Support:

  • MesolightBim
  • Email:¬†
  • WhatsApp: +267¬†73 839 116
Features & Benefits


  • Comprehensive learning: These template is crafted to guide learners at all levels, ensuring you make the most of every feature without wasting time on trial and error.¬†¬†
  • Enhanced Understanding: Dive deep into architectural concepts with a toolset designed to enhance your understanding and application of key principles.¬†
  • Minimalistic Approach: Enjoy a clutter-free design environment that enhances focus and creativity throughout your journey.¬†
  • Design Options: Access a range of views templates, annotation styles, and floor view markers, providing flexibility and customization.


  • Browser organization-navigator
  • View templates
  • Graphic tools
  • Attributes- surfaces, fills, composites, pens, zones, layers
  • Reports for quantities (schedules)
  • Title block-layout block
  • Project sample
  • Favorites
  • Floor views markers (elevations, sections, details, callouts)
  • Annotation styles
  • Start screen.

File format:

  • Template is TPL format.
  • Project sample in PLN/PLA format

Beneficial to:

students and ArchiCAD beginners