Sewer drainage system
Sewer drainage system (3D)
Sewer drainage system
Sewer drainage system
Sewer drainage system
Sewer drainage system
Demonstration on how to extract the sewer drainage system in to your computer and ArchiCAD
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A model of sewer drainage system of a residential project with all necessary components: Conservancy tank, manhole and basin gully system. Highly customizable, File format: ArchiCAD Archive (Pla) Pln.

Sewer Drainage System

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This model includes a complete sewer drainage system for residential projects, boasting a wealth of features that will leave you in awe.


Step into the world of efficient and comprehensive sewer drainage design with our Sewer Drainage System – a game-changer for residential projects. Embark on a journey of efficient, accurate, and customizable sewer drainage design. 

Our model includes all essential components like the conservancy tank, manhole, and basin gully system, ensuring your designs are practical and functional. Tailor your drainage system to match your project's unique requirements, thanks to the Drainage System Customization feature. With high customizability using Archicad drainage components, you're in control. This system provides a seamless integration with Archicad MEP, allowing you to optimize your design process. Get access to a meticulously detailed septic tank model, complete with technical drawings, plans, sections, and dimension tables for drainage, all compatible with Archicad ductwork and pipe tool functionalities. This integration streamlines the design process, allowing you to focus on the finer details of your project.

Experience the convenience of our Efficient Septic Tank Design, meticulously crafted to meet industry standards and regulations. Download now and take advantage of ArchiCAD's powerful tools for sewer drainage design. 


  • ArchiCAD Version 24 and up

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    Features & Benefits


    • Efficient Workflow: Focus on refining your design rather than getting bogged down in the intricacies of sewer system modeling.
    • Precision Engineering: Impress clients with precision-engineered drainage systems that adhere to industry standards, ensuring longevity and reliability.
    • Streamlined Design: Save time and effort by using our comprehensive system, eliminating the need to create each component from scratch.


    • Sewer 3D details.

    File format:

    • Zip file: ArchiCAD PLA file

    Beneficial to:

    • Architects, engineers, and designers