Modern three bedroom house with a car outside
Modern three bedroom house
Modern three bedroom house
Demonstration on how to extract the three bedroom house 3D model on to computer and ArchiCAD
Demonstration on how to edit and use file in ArchiCAD

Architectural full set drawings, sample model for planning submissions , ArchiCAD File (Pla) Version 24 up +.

Three Bedroom House 3D Model files

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Dive into a complete 3D representation of a stylish three-bedroom house, ready to use in your projects meticulously crafted using ArchiCAD and Lumion software.


Step into your future with our Three Bedroom House 3D Model Files, meticulously crafted using ArchiCAD and Lumion. This is your passport to a stunning architectural journey that's as exciting as it is efficient. Our 3D model files showcase a meticulously designed three-bedroom house with precision and style. 

Seamlessly integrate these files into your ArchiCAD and Lumion software, unleashing your creative genius. Download now and unlock the potential of this Three Bedroom House 3D Model. Explore the intricacies of architectural visualization with our ArchiCAD house plans and residential templates. These files are tailored to elevate your residential building design projects, offering a seamless and efficient workflow. With our extensive collection of ArchiCAD projects, you'll have access to a wealth of inspiration and resources for your architectural endeavors.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your architectural toolkit with our meticulously curated Three Bedroom House 3D Model Files, ArchiCAD house plans, and residential templates. Elevate your designs and streamline your workflow with the power of ArchiCAD and Lumion. Download now and step into a world of limitless architectural possibilities.


  • ArchiCAD Version 24 and up

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    Features & Benefits


    • Effortless Planning: Visualize and plan your dream home effortlessly with these 3D models.
    • Professional Presentation: Impress clients and stakeholders with stunning, true-to-life representations.
    • Time and Cost Savings: Skip the time-consuming design phase and jump straight into your projects with a head start.


    • 3D model of a 2 bedroom house.

    File format:

    • Zip file: ArchiCAD PLA file¬†

    Beneficial to:

    • Architects, engineers, and designers