Best Sites for ArchiCAD Objects!

Best Sites for ArchiCAD Objects

Feeling lost trying to find ArchiCAD objects? MSBIM is here to guide you through and provide you with reliable sources to get good quality objects! Our latest YouTube video explores the challenges faced in sourcing reliable ArchiCAD objects and reveals the best sites to find them. 

Understanding BIM Objects: 

BIM objects are the building blocks of the digital architectural landscape, merging visualization data, metadata, and behavioural data. In essence, they're intelligent, data-rich representations of products or materials in the digital world.

Key Highlights of the Video:

  • BIM Object Overview: Gain a comprehensive understanding of what BIM objects are and why they play a pivotal role in architectural design.
  • Benefits of BIM Objects: Explore how BIM objects enhance visual communication, aid in clash detection, streamline construction coordination, and optimize resource and cost management.
  • Explore sites: discover sites you can use to source your BIM objects and how they work.

Benefits of Watching:

  • Visual Communication: Enhance your visual communication with lifelike models for better insights.
  • Clash Detection & Resolution: Streamline clash detection by visualizing details in a realistic model.
  • Quantity Takeoffs: Optimize your resource and cost planning with accurate quantity takeoffs.
  • Construction Coordination: Simplify construction coordination by leveraging intelligent BIM objects.

Where can I find BIM objects?

Mesolight BIM- is a resource bank for ArchiCAD objects.

BIM object- is a global marketplace for the construction industry.

ArchiRADAR- platform that has a wide collection of BIM objects.

BIM components-This website is Graph iSOFT's platform for sharing GDL content.

NBS Library- is a platform for people in the design, supply and construction industry.

Our curated list includes platforms you can source ArchiCAD objects ensuring you save time and get high-quality, manufacturer-specific content for your projects. Embark on a journey of architectural excellence by watching our YouTube video. 


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