Introducing MSBIM Pro ArchiCAD Template: Elevate Your Architectural Design Experience

Introducing MSBIM Pro ArchiCAD Template: Elevate Your Architectural Design Experience

We're thrilled to announce the upgraded MSBIM Pro ArchiCAD Template, now available in two distinctive packages: Standard and Pro. Whether you're a student just starting or a seasoned professional setting up your office, we have the perfect solution for you.

Choose Your Package:

Standard Package: Ideal for students and ArchiCAD beginners, this package offers a user-friendly introduction to ArchiCAD.

Pro Package: Tailored for professionals and office setups, the Pro version unlocks advanced features for a seamless and efficient design process.

Benefits of this template:

  • Minimalistic Approach: Experience a clutter-free design environment that enhances focus and creativity.
  • Great ArchiCAD Experience: Enjoy an optimized workflow and performance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable design journey.
  • Quality Designs: Benefit from professionally crafted templates that elevate the quality and visual appeal of your projects.
  • Save time: Streamline your workflow and save valuable time with pre-built templates and efficient design tools.

Features to expect:

  • Browser Organization: Keep your projects neatly organized for easy access and management.
  • Views Templates: Save time with predefined views that match your project requirements.
  • Graphic Tools: Enhance your designs with advanced graphic tools for a polished and professional finish.
  • Attributes: Customize your elements with ease using a wide range of attributes.
  • Reports for Quantities: Generate accurate quantity reports for better project management.
  • Title Block: Professionalize your projects with customizable title blocks.
  • Project Sample: Explore a sample project to get inspired and kickstart your designs.
  • Favorites: Mark your frequently used elements as favorites for quick access.
  • Annotation Styles: Achieve consistency in your documentation with customizable annotation styles.
  • Floor View Markers: Easily navigate through different floor views with clear markers.
  • Start Screen: Begin your projects efficiently with a start screen that provides quick access to essential tools.

Download the MSBIM Pro ArchiCAD Template and achieve excellence. Don't miss out on a streamlined workflow, and professional results. 

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